I.M.S. creates a competition shower that differs from other shower screens due to the application of innovative technologies.

The range of competition showers comes in two types of product for each model, the wire membrane shower and the integrated membrane shower.


The I.M.S. WIRE MEMBRANE SHOWER SCREEN has a filtering power of 35 µM and its main feature is an elevated filtering capacity which, as well as ensuring an even water distribution throughout the coffee puck, also blocks access to the extract residues thereby improving the drying phase.

This allows the group to be kept clean and perfectly efficient. It also preserves both the group and the solenoid valve from wear caused by dirt.

The INTEGRATED MEMBRANE SHOWER SCREEN designed by I.M.S. consists of a special membrane built inside the supporting body of the shower and has a filtering capacity of 200 µM.

The key feature of this product is the unique perforation design which, in addition to ensuring the best possible coffee, makes this product extremely durable and easy to clean. Manufactured as a single piece, the body is strengthened and the surface is completely smooth, and thus does not present any grind-clogging danger areas.