The entire production can be manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel or, on request, AISI 430.

The raw materials used come from certified sources and the relative cast analysis of each lot is checked. Traceability throughout the entire production process is also guaranteed.

All of I.M.S production processes take place in Italy and after chemical and physical laboratory analysis the products have been certified by CSI, an IMQ Group company, as suitable for contact with food.


The mesh that is used is 3D Micromesh is made with AISI 304L stainless steel.

This mesh is produce starting from a sheet of inox steel, the result is a strong and solid mesh.

3D is a special design with a good yield that is also very easy to clean. Its filtering effectiveness is at the highest technological levels thanks to a nominal micro metric pore size of 250 μ.



I.M.S. uses two types of wire mesh membrane, a Reps woven wire mesh with a passage of 35 µm and a woven wire mesh with passage of 80 µm.

The Reps weaving is compact and has an elevated filtering power, it is used on showers with the function of blocking also the finest ground powder, protecting the brewing group and solenoid valve.

The 80 µm membrane has a filtering power suitable for filtering beverages too, thanks to its specific weaving pattern it does not restrict the liquid flow and count for an extraction of a homogeneous coffee with no residuals.

I.M.S is also using inox steel membranes, created from a single layer of material with extra fine micrometric passages and a smooth surface.